Societal Security Solutions Ltd is a specialised Finnish consulting company closely cooperating with the authorities, R&D community and technology holders. The aim of the company is to bridge concepts and praxis. We concentrate on solution-oriented work, and our objective is to assist our customers in moving “from outputs to outcomes”.

The company is based in Mikkeli, Finland. Finland as a non-aligned Western European country, which provides a great environment for international work in the area of societal security. Mikkeli and the region of South Savo are important concentrations of Finnish know-how and technology and thus provide a natural home base for the company. 

The company was established in 2016 by the Finnish companies Human Capital Investment Ltd and JSR Consulting — both experienced companies in the area of international project work as well as competence and capacity building work.

Our senior partners have long experience working with international projects and organisations in challenging environments.



Societal Security Solutions Ltd is an active partner of the PRINCE project (coordinated by the Greek Ministry of the Interior and funded by the European Commission).